Top Ten


  1. Expanding to Europe would create increased competition and interest in hockey.
  2. The game is played well and with passion throughout Europe. A European division may make more sense for the NHL than any of the other North American sports leagues.
  3. With the continued growth and expansion of the Russian-based Kontinental Hockey League, KHL, the ground seems to be shifting in the game on a global level. The NHL is clearly playing a role in the movement as well, starting with the deal to send its players back to the Olympic Games.
  4. The National Hockey League features the most international player population in professional sports, and NHL outstanding athletes take tremendous pride in representing their homelands on the global stage.
  5. The NHL is so committed to growing its product internationally that it plans to open a staffed European office by the end of 2013, according to a source. In recent years, the NHL has launched native language websites and hopes to eventually have live game distribution available across all devices in Europe.
  6. NHLPA executive director Donald Fehr repeatedly mentioned the need to explore more opportunities in Europe and the new collective bargaining agreement mandates that every NHL team must make at least one trip overseas before it expires.
  7. The NHL and NHLPA also seem ready to work together on reviving the World Cup tournament. The first event of that kind since 2004 is being targeted for a year after the Sochi Games, which means that preparations will have to start soon.
  8. The more fans a sport has, the stronger that sport becomes. Current fans of NHL should want the sport to expand. After all, an expansion would ensure the continuation of the sport regardless of teams’ squabbles or lock outs.
  9. The NHL has a marketable brand for the globe to enjoy. Competing with the NFL in North America is next to impossible. Hockey can use their worldly brand to its advantage and gain an upper hand on football with a European division
  10. To make tons of money.