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A professional live streaming and webcasting service provider, American Webcaster is specializing in high-definition live webcasts of sports, entertainment and corporate events in television broadcasting style. We offer full service, pay-per-view and other monetization turnkey webcasting solutions. We deliver HD broadcast quality multi camera live switched productions.
We travel to any domestic or international location to help you broadcast your events or productions live over the Internet. We can stream your productions live from our Internet TV studio located in Chicago Gold Coast. From there you can webcast your Web series or any show you want broadcast live over the Internet. Our solution is cost-effective, broadcast quality and innovative.
Our 4K broadcast cameras and television broadcasting equipment is integrated with a multi-standard (NTSC/PAL) Tricaster Pro 860 Advanced Edition NDI we own, plus the Diabolo encoders and other professional television broadcasting equipment.
Please contact us for more information at: 312-944-6944 (voice & text)



American Webcaster, Inc. is a spin-off of Chicago Broadcasting Corporation, a division of Eurovision. As a television producer and Internet television broadcaster headquartered in Chicago, U.S.A., we are delivering live HD Internet television broadcasting services worldwide.

American Webcaster is a Microsoft partner, system builder and integrator specializing in solutions for high-definition live television broadcasting over the Internet. Our streaming solutions include custom building of specialized encoders, DIABOLO ™.

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American Webcaster, Inc., Chicago, IL 60610, USA

312-944-6944    |    gig at americanwebcaster.com