NHL looking to expand on ‘European business plan’

The NHL is not only considering more outdoor games, it is considering more overseas games. Chief Operating Officer John Collins referred to a “European business plan” and ideas ranging from resurrecting the World Cup to starting something like a champions league, according to Nick Cotsonika from Yahoo Sports.

Collins said the fate of the Premiere Games is tied to the Olympic Games. The NHL is not expected to send teams to Europe to start the regular season if it sends players to Sochi in mid-season. But the NHL could stage more than the Premiere Games in the future. The NHL and the NHLPA are considering a nation-on-nation tournament like the World Cup and a champions league concept.

“Maybe we bring NHL teams over to play the best teams in Europe,” Collins said. “How do we stage that, and where do we play? That’s definitely something that we’re looking at.”