Source: Wikipedia. The Polish Ice Hockey Federation  (Polish: Polski Związek Hokeja na Lodzie, PZHL) is the governing body that oversees ice hockey in Poland. Founded in Warsaw on February 22, 1925 by representatives of the 4 polish hockey’s clubs: Polonia Warsaw, AZS Warszawa, Warszawianka Warszawa and Warszawskie Towarzystwo Łyżwiarskie (WTŁ Warszawa).

Headquartered in Warsaw, the capital and the largest city of Poland — the Polish Ice Hockey Federation serves the professional hockey league and the amateur hockey leagues. As such, the PZHL is responsible for the training, entering and funding of Polish teams for the Olympic, Paralympic, Youth Olympic, national and international tournaments and games, while serving as a steward of the Olympic Movement throughout the country.

In addition to its international responsibilities and its work to advance the Olympic spirit and movement, the PZHL is overseeing and scheduling all the professional hockey league games. The PZHL is also providing financial support and jointly working to develop customized and efficient athletes and couching support and education programs.

Additionally, the PZHL oversees the process by which Poland is biding to host the international hockey games, and is also playing a decisive role in the bid processes for hosting a myriad of other international competitions. Furthermore, the PZHL approves the hockey players and teams for the Olympic, Paralympic, and all international games.

Currently, the PZHL is managing the following leagues:  Men’s Seniors, Women’s Seniors, Men’s U20, Men’s U18, Women’s U18, and Men’s U16.  The PZHL, the PZHL Shield are the trademarks of the Polish Ice Hockey League.


Piotr Hałasik – President

Mariusz Wołosz – Vice President

Piotr Demiańczuk – Vice President

Dawid Chwałka – Treasurer

Marta Zawadzka – Member

Kazimierz Szynal – Member

Adam Zięba – Member

Andrzej Skowroński – Member