Expanding Your Fan Base Worldwide — Viewers Without Borders

Live streaming over the Internet of any sporting event can reach worldwide audiences without expenses to the organizers associated with traditional broadcast television. In addition, live webcasting is the only way for the of-the-market sports to reach viewers. And, very importantly, organizers can monetize on events to supply their needs by using our pay-par-view platform.

Regional and national sports which would never get the attention of the traditional television media outlets, today, because of live webcasting — enjoys exposure of prime-time television and opportunity of having its fair share of the marketplace.

Webcasting provides unlimited revenue possibilities as it may be derived from many sources. Advertisers recognize the importance of this new undeniable medium and are fully engaged. Finally, delivering the game through the Internet to everyone via computers or mobile devices, no matter where they are located — is paramount to all.

American Webcaster can broadcast your next sporting event to fans around the world or restrict it geographically as you may need. We can sell digital tickets so viewers can watch the games in the comfort of their own homes or from their portable devices. Organizers can build at no costs global stadiums and arenas and generate potentially unlimited revenue from this enlarged viewers’ base. Exceeding already a traditional broadcast television penetration and reach, live webcasting is also the most affordable solution for massive scalable market reach. Providing global exposure and high quality, the Internet disseminated shows delivers the experience and benefits unmatched by traditional television broadcasters.

Sports:  Benefits

  • Pristine high-definition quality video from up to eight cameras switched in real-time will give your audience an up-close and personal experience.
  • Enlarging markets and unlimited audience with worldwide distribution.
  • Sell digital tickets to your shows watched worldwide. You’ll set the price, we will provide the infrastructure. All paying customers will receive a private link and login to watch the show.
  • Unlimited advertising, marketing, sponsorship, underwriting and PSA opportunities.
  • We are providing your show distribution to mobile phone users enlarging tremendously your viewers’ base and attractiveness of the event.
  • Social media viewers will be able to share their experience in a live social chat, share the show with friends on Facebook and other social media encouraging to buy tickets or helping viral distribution of your show.
  • You’ll receive a backup digital copy of your show on a storage media of your choice right after the show which you can turn into a product and sell.
  • You may have hosts providing live commentary to keep viewers engaged and create a pre show and post show commentary and highlights.
  • After the show you may be able to post your live stream on your website, or allow viewers to host your feed on their websites or social network via embedded video player.
  • After the show you’ll receive detailed stats about demographics who watched your event and where they were located.

Sports:  Solutions


  • We produce and broadcast sports at drastically reduced costs  – as we shrunk the broadcast truck to a flight case
  • A satellite truck we reduced to the size of a backpack – with a similar drastic reduction in production costs
  • Our core required crew size for the 8-camera TV broadcast quality productions is minimal, compared to traditional TV productions, and provides a substantial savings for the clients
  • As a result of application of efficient modern technologies, we are delivering a broadcast quality multi-camera high-definition live webcasting switched in a television broadcasting style – at a fraction of cost what competitive productions are demanding
  • Animated on-screen graphics and dynamic lower-thirds with audio and station logos we embed as static or motion graphics, using a variety of animated transitions
  • Integrated 10-channels slow motion live replays are supported by a multi-channel playback
  • Delayed broadcast solves profanity concerns or out-of-market needs for live and near-live productions
  • A turn-key monetization is enabled by pay-per-view online solutions for live and on-demand events, via embeddable players’ customization
  • We encode and broadcast multiple cameras or angles simultaneously pushing content towards subscriber’s multiplayer for enhanced users’ experience
  • Other monetization is possible through commercials delivered via ad servers as pre-rolls, interstitials and other program commercial inserts during live or on-demand webcasting.