Trade Shows

Trade Shows

American Webcaster provides integrated live webcasting for tradeshows. We provide options for a free or pay-per-view access. We are streaming live in a multi-camera live switched television broadcasting style to reach your dispersed target audience and markets via their desktop computers, tablets, mobile and smartphones.

The shows we produce are switched and webcast live and are immediately available for your exhibitors. In addition your clients can use for distribution an embedded video player we provide, and/or a video file for posting on their or your Web sites as a video on demand, for later viewing. We can also provide a tangible DVD with the content, directly after the program. By using a traditional DVD exhibitors can supplement other distribution channels in addition to a web based model.

Our standard arrangements include a high definition multi-camera portable studio settings or attractive mini-stage setup. This proved concept allows prevalent media presence directly from the trade shows floor, in the area you would designate. In addition, we are offering mobile camera pods with roving hosts/reporters and cameramen visiting show exhibitors and mingling with the trade show visitors.

We offer a pre-show teaser programming announcing vendors, products and services before the show expo doors opens. This invigorates the prospective visitors and stimulates visits to the expo floor. Also, a post show highlights and discussions extend expo hours without incurring costs to the organizers.

24 hour broadcasting over the Internet extends the trade show expo hours long after the doors were closed allowing participation in your event for those who missed it, or for those who are geographically dispersed, or simply want to revisit the expo floors again.

Our technology and delivery allows your trade show reaching global audiences and are enhancing the trade show industry by adding value to your marketing and information about product and services presented at the show. It enhances your trade show brand by reaching to diversified global audiences and markets.

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